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What is an Award, a Gift, Greetings and other things, we are exchanging and in which size?


An Award can be two things.

At the first, we have the official awards, nominated by a commite consultating the site.

The second kind of awards is those sent from owners of other website´s. The sender of this kind of awards is a person which own homepage, and have visitted you site, and feel that your site decerve an award. It can be either Gold, Silver or Bronce,

An Award has to sent to the Homepage owner, and not to be picked up somewhere on others homepage.(I have been sent apply for some of my awards, and not get all I have asked for. Maybe I have to do things better, and then maybe earn the special award). If I have beeen on a nice and interesting homepage, and I feel that it´s a site for my award, I am give the site my award, and with a small notice about the receivers Homepage. But, do not forget, you have to judge the site carefully.


Presents / Gifts, is something nice made by a webfriend, for exchanging with other webfriends.

Do never name a present as an award.An award is a price you get when you have done something very good. There will never be: Summerawards, Wintherawards or something like that. This will instead be named as: Summergreetings, Winthergreetings and never Awards! Greetings can be as much welcome as an award. So just name it as it is.



Normal size of Banners, Awards and Greetings,

BANNER:  Small banners: 88x31 pixels - 

                    Normal banners: 468x60 pixels, and below  50Kb.

QUILT:       International size for homepages must be: 130x130 pixel, and below 50Kb.


AWARD & Greetings: Please, no larger than 300x300 pixels, and below 75Kb.


Kilobytes Limit: Because of bandwith and space on a homepage, which is approch 500-600Kb, people with normal speed, will have problems to open the pages.

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