Place the old people in Jailhouse!


Why not change the old persons with the prisoners, then the old people will get the care that they need, and the prisoners their punishment. In the past there has been a lot of examples how we look after our old persons in the Elders Home.

Therefore I think it is  better to take the old people into the Jailhouse. In there they can have their own belongings in their cell and watch the Television alone in their own room.

In the Jailhouse they also will be consulted by a dentist, and  have a special  person to take care of their feet, and other things, all paid by the state.

They will have their hair cut and wash absolutely free, and if they need new spectacles they just get it.

When they need anything special, they will be traveling in a car all over the country, with 2 police-men as a guardians.

Every day they can go out in the nature and get fresh air and if they feel very little ill, the doctors will make a consultation absolutely free of charge.

Every day you will have a bath, and clean underwear, instead of just to have your old napkin turned around. There will be games to play, if you feel sad, and have some free time. The personal from the Jailhouse, know how to keep you in good form all the time, and whatever you ask for, they will do what ever you ask for.

And the prisoners will be filled up with medicine so they will be unable to ring the bells to ask for help. They have to learn, that they only have a bath each fourteen day, and their personal belongings put away, so the personal do not have to move around the TV and other furniture.

If they not already went in coma, so they can do some not useful works, like braid some straw into some baskets. And at least one time a week they get out on the balcony for a short time, to get some fresh air.

They also have to learn to get only carton-food from a big kitchen, and the food has a taste like to put their tongue out of the window.

The worst of all, they have to learn that all their money as they do not have will go to medicine, dentists and spectacles.

I think that some of you will say, it is a bad idea. But  why?  It is not the old persons own free choose, that they are on the Elders Home. But it is the Prisoners own fault, that they are where they has to be.